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Below you can find a list of significant events in my “professional life”. Whether it’s a paper, an open source package, or a talk – it’s going to be here. At least as long as I find it significant in any way.

If you’d like to read a summarized version – check out the About section above. There you’ll find more details and a couple of additional links. And if you are looking for my posts, head straight to the Blog.



Education · — Current Computer Science, PhD studies at University of Wrocław (TBA) Simulation-based algorithms.

Talk · ReactJS Wrocław #22 (link, slides) Talk on throw in React.

Competition · Strategy Card Game AI Competition (link) IEEE World Conference on Games, 2020.

Preprint · Evolving Evaluation Functions for Collectible Card Game AI (arXiv) Radosław Miernik and Jakub Kowalski.


Talk · Meteor Impact 2020 (link) Talk about the uniforms library.

Paper · Efficient Reasoning in Regular Boardgames (arXiv, DOI) Jakub Kowalski, Radosław Miernik, Maksymilian Mika, Wojciech Pawlik, Jakub Sutowicz, Marek Szykuła, and Andrzej Tkaczyk. IEEE Conference on Games, pages 455–462.

Competition · Strategy Card Game AI Competition (link) IEEE World Conference on Games, 2020.

Paper · Evolutionary Approach to Collectible Card Game Arena Deckbuilding using Active Genes (arXiv, DOI) Jakub Kowalski and Radosław Miernik. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation.

Competition · Strategy Card Game AI Competition (link) IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, 2020.

Employment · Student Researcher at University of Wrocław National Science Centre, Poland. Project number: NCN OPUS 2017/25/B/ST6/01920.


Talk · GraphQL Wrocław #4 (link, slides) Lightning talk about overfetching in GraphQL.

Interview · Nasza biblioteka uniforms ma ponad 200 tys. pobrań. Jak to osiągnęliśmy? - Just Geek IT (link) Aplikacje, które robimy mają formularze. Niektóre mają ich więcej, niektóre mniej. Pisanie ich to bardzo powtarzalna praca, którą chcieliśmy zautomatyzować...

Competition · Strategy Card Game AI Competition (link) IEEE Conference on Games, 2019.

Competition · Strategy Card Game AI Competition (link) IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2019.

Talk · GraphQL Wrocław #4 (link, slides) Lightning talk about uniforms.

Application · Lambda calculus β-reduction graphs (link) A simple graphing tool for lambda calculus.

Education · Computer Science, Master studies at University of Wrocław Artificial Intelligence for Strategy Card Games: Search and Content Generation.


Article · Dynamic aggregations with SparrowQL (link) If you've ever worked with MongoDB aggregation pipeline before, you may have noticed that it's a very powerful tool...

Competition · CodinGame Legends of Code and Magic (link) Legends of Code and Magic (LOCM) is a small implementation of a Strategy Card Game, designed to perform AI research.

Paper · Strategic Features and Terrain Generation for Balanced Heroes of Might and Magic III Maps (DOI) Jakub Kowalski, Radosław Miernik, Piotr Pytlik, Maciej Pawlikowski, Krzysztof Piecuch, and Jakub Sękowski. IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, pages 86–93.


Application · Docteer (link) Documents organisation tool with fuzzy text search.


Package · — Current vazco/uniforms (GitHub) Bunch of React components and helpers to easily generate and validate forms.


Education · Computer Science, Engineer studies at University of Wrocław Evolutionary algorithms for strategic card games.

Employment · — Current Software Architect at Vazco My day-to-day work focuses on planning and leading the development of web applications. It includes participating in the product definition, designing the architecture, estimating its costs, structuring database(s), meeting with clients, maintaining project health through setting up CI/CD, performance monitoring or tests, peer-reviewing, and finally, programming. Additionally, I supervise a couple of junior and mid software developers. Technology-wise, I have substantial experience with JavaScript and its vast ecosystem, both on the back- and front-end. My database systems of choice are MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Beyond the office, I develop and maintain company open source projects, give talks on tech-related events, and organize bootcamps and workshops focused on web technologies.